How the DoTERRA Convention Changed my Path in Life

Let’s start with honesty. I am not much of a joiner. You know, the kind of person that loves to show up at things, always has a party face on, loves to engage in small talk with strangers (or anyone), nope that is not me.

People mistake me for an extravert all of the time. But I am not that either. I really have to work at showing up, with a smile on my face, ready to entertain. I have learned to this. I work at it. I have worked at it so much that people are now convinced that this is how I am. But it isn’t.

In business however this is an asset, if not even a requirement for some professions. So I have learned to do it, and I do it well. So showing up at doTERRA Dream Convention 2018 with 32,000 other people was not exactly my idea of a good time. But I had committed to showing up, and I committed to doing it well.

In many ways I already had made up my mind about what it would be like, long line ups, over-crowded rooms and bathrooms, bad food and lots of enthusiastic oil users wanting to talk about oils all of the time. And it was all of this, but it was also so very much more.

It was back to back presentations and speeches that brought me to tears. It was research, it was science, it was the power of plants changing people’s lives that brought me to tears.

It was service projects, empowered men and women in developing countries earning a living, feeding families and being able to send their kids to school, that brought me to tears. It was non-profit education about the many giveback programs and organizations that doTERRA has created and financially supports that brought me to tears.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t spend the whole time crying. I spent it laughing too. With my team, with my leaders, with cross-team support and encouragement and honest conversations about life, business, marriage and our children.

And I was able to marvel at the magic of the Universe; conspiring to get me where I was being called and out of my own way. I learned, yet again, the power and lesson of saying yes to an invitation, to an opportunity even when logic is not there to support it…

You see it was the second day of convention and I had made a big display of affection about meeting one our very inspiring Upline Leaders, Molly Dayton, at an early morning cross team gathering. In this moment of overt expression of appreciation in front of our group (Effectiveness of pushing yourself into extravert mode) this woman was moved to invite my team and I to breakfast the next morning… of course we would go!

The next morning as we are preparing to go to breakfast, in an odd chain of random events, I discovered that I booked my flight wrong and was flying out Friday, which was that afternoon, instead of Saturday, as I thought I had planned. With just 5 mins to the Uber arrival to head to this meeting, I had packed up all my things, planned to go to breakfast and head to the airport.

However, the Universe stepped in, and Molly had text me on the way to meet her for breakfast and asked me to sit with her in the front rows of the Blue Diamond section for that day. I would have to miss my flight to do so. Now being a teacher and leader that is always encouraging others to just say yes to opportunity, I couldn’t very well say no to this amazing invitation!

I calmly and clearly knew the only right thing to do was say yes. Say yes to sitting with her for 4 hours, say yes to canceling my flight, saying yes to booking a whole new ticket for the next day and trusting there was a reason and plan behind all of this.

Fast forward to three weeks later and I am in Sri Lanka, and without digressing into two other magical stories of Universal Guidance, suffice to say one magical sign after another appeared and I woke up one morning to an email from fancy lady Upline Leader in which she wrote to invite me to all expenses paid doTERRA business trip to Prague with her and her top 50 team leaders. Um, Yes?!

The power of that word is undeniable. Of course it is a luxury that I could be at the convention, have the resources to change my flight, to do all of the things like that, but the power of saying yes when logic doesn’t line up is a skill that needs cultivation. Just like being an extravert who is secretly an introvert.

So just two weeks after arriving home from Sri Lanka, I am now going to Prague. And in this process I have decided to let go of other business projects and responsibilities to free up more of my time and focus for my doTERRA Team. The ins and outs of this decision all require a blog of their own in how I came to decided, but it wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to. The main point of it all being that Spirit has a plan for me and my work with doTERRA and that is undeniable.
I never planned on this being my full-time gig, I never wanted it to be and I didn’t believe that it could be. But watching at the doTERRA dream convention the thousands of lives that are being positively affected by this amazing company, with the purest of quality products, and best compensation plan and most importantly the focus on service to enhance the lives of people in communities all around the world, providing millions of dollars each year to organizations committed to alleviating hunger, providing clean water and education and rescuing and rehabilitating women and children from human trafficking.

I am filled with wonder and inspiration and I can see the potential of this company and my place in it. I am so grateful to the couple hundred people I currently mentor and I am ready and excited to dive in fully with more focus and clarity….

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